Friday, July 7

Thursday July 6th

It's 2 PM

He's up already....ugh!

Sunday, July 10

It's amazing how fast time flies. It's already been 6 weeks since the last posting. This picture was taken on Father's day at the SF zoo. Back then J was in full crawling mode. In the mean time we have started swimming lessons. He loves the water. But the biggest event of the last 6 weeks happened this past week. J took his first steps. It's only 4 hesitating steps from any object to Mom or Dad, but it's an amazing achievement for such a lil' guy.

Thursday, May 26

Phewwww, swimming across the pool is hard work. I'm sweating, guess I need to go take a shower now.

Nieuw: Om extreme slijtage te voorkomen, is het Julius model nu verkrijgbaar met anti-slip knie beschermers.
New: to prevent extreme wear, the Julius model now comes equipped with anti-slip knee pads.


Lesson 1: How to get away with making a mess of your dinner. Give Mom your cutest look and tell her it was the brocolli, not you, really...

Friday, May 20

Alvin's Restaurant (click here)

My boys came home.
I truly missed Casper, just wanted to kiss him all over!
Julius... When I held him, his body was so warm, his neck connected with mine, I could feel the softness. I rubbed his head kinda like a Buddha statue, his soft hair reminded me of rose petals. And his little legs wrapped around my torso, just so innate! I love this baby so, my little Jewel.
This has been one busy month, travel wise. I think from here on we'll slow down especially for Summer. We plan to grill in the back, put water in the blow-up pool, attend birthday parties (all the babies in the group will be turning one). Just relax and connect with the warmth of Summer.

I added a direct link to my brother Al's blog for his restaurant. It's in New Orleans. I've been calling him almost every day and updating his blog. We've gotten quite close because of his restaurant. I envy his active restaurant-style life. I imagine Al to wake early, drive out of his suburban life to such an interesting wholesome, funky, beatnik area, streets lined with moss filled magnolia trees, the rich smell of heat and humidity, bakery and clotheshop owners to chat up, neighbors to wave to and talk shop about the restaurant and local stuff, a breakfast/lunch or dinner rush of business, people entering and departing your world- the excitement of making them happy and delicate dance of understanding why some are unhappy when you just really want them to be satisfied. Then finally, a break on his beautiful brick-laid patio, a patio that he, himself built, ahhh... that content feeling. Then finally, when he has the energy he'll gather his belongings (children, etc.) and get into his blue truck and drive that all too familiar drive on the interstate back home. I long for this... this what appears to be a very subjective, romantic perspective into his daily life!

Monday, May 9

So far the weather in Holland hasn't been al bad. Here's a picture of Opa's back yard, right around 9:15pm!! Posted by Hello

Dinner is served...

mmmmmm, butternut squash, don't even think about taking my spoon away. I'm eating it all, It's all mine, mine I tell ya... Such a fashion conscious baby, look how his mess is all color coordinated with his shirt and pillow. You think he's gonna be a designer?

Back in Holland

We finally made it!!

Julius is visiting Opa and Oma this week. So stay put for several post as we chronicle his adventures in Holland. The first surprise was the new stroller Opa and Oma bought him. Now he can race around Holland in style.

Off course the big news on Sunday was Julius' first tooth!!! Yes, after 8 months of waiting, a tooth finally popped out. Now we have good hopes that #2 will come out this week as well. I'm sure mommy would love that.

The first night his Jet Lag was pretty bad. Oma was up playing with him from 2:30 to 3:30, off course he crashed after that and we all got to sleep until noon. Thanks Julius, Dad really needed the sleep. Last night wasn't too bad. He woke up at 11pm and stayed up until 1:15 when Dad finally convinced him to get some sleep. If we keep going like this he'll be on his regular routine by Wednessday. Yahhh.

This is very weird, I can hold myself on the edge of the table and see through it. I wonder if I can crawl in between and make a glass Julius sandwich Posted by Hello

Monday, April 4

Safety First

Now that I have learned to crawl I keep bumping my head into things. So I thought I needed a safety helmet. Shame on Mom and Dad for not thinking of this first. Now where did I put that strap to hold my helmet in place... I just saw it in my tub toy basket.... Hey, where did the basket go???

Bye, Bye Mom and Dad

We've been watching this moment come nearer for weeks now, and this weekend it finally arrived. Julius achieved forward motion. So he managed to leave the house and he crawled of to college. Almost.. So far it's not really crawling yet. He gets up on his hands and knees and then simply flops forward. The trick is to do the belly flop often enough before you get too tired or hungry.

Saturday, March 19

Week overzicht

Na bijna een hele week met weinig slaap, een slecht humeur en een verkoudheid is Julius eindelijk weer zichzelf. De afgelopen 2 nachten heeft hij weer keurig de hele nacht getukt. En overdag is hij ook weer blij. Net op tijd voor het weekend. Alleen jammer dat het regent, want ik wilde hem meenemen om een piratenschip te zien, gelukkig is het volgende week ook nog in de buurt.

Help!!! The couch monster is eating me

So the little turtle is finally starting to move around the house. Now if he could only see where he is going as he moves backwards....

De kleine schildpad begint te kruipen. Het enige probleem is dat hij de vooruit nog niet gevonden heeft. Tot nu toe zijn er een boel eenzijdige bewegingen. Hij kan ook nog steeds niet van zijn rug naar zijn buik rollen. Vandaar dat we hem schildpad noemen.

Saturday, March 12

Move to Holland????

Ok, misschien minder leuk voor de mensen in Nederland. Deze foto's zijn op hetzelfde moment genomen. Nou ja, misschien een dag apart. Terwijl het vorige week in Nederland nog flink sneeuwde, is het hier al weer lekker warm. Julius is dus al een aantal keer naar het park geweest op de schommel. De afgelopen 2 dagen was het zelfs zo warm dat ik dit nu in een korte broek tik omdat het zo warm is in huis. Maar het zal over een paar dagen wel weer een beetje afkoelen.

Plans afoot to drill Alaskan wildlife refuge - Yahoo! UK & Ireland News

Plans afoot to drill Alaskan wildlife refuge - Yahoo! UK & Ireland News

This keeps upsetting me. It didn't even show up in the US news media. The original article showed up on Reuters Europe. I guess the social security "crisis" is more important right now.

Also this week a motion was defeated to raise the minimum wage from $5.25 to $7.25. I guess those senators have never had to live off minimum wage. Do the math, 160 hrs a month of work to pay a rent of $1400 (low end 2 bed room apartment in the Bay Area). Get the picture? I think everybody in the government should live off minimum wage for the entire time they are in office. That would get their perspectives right. Oh, and maybe their $1400 a month habitat should be next to an oil well... while we are at it.

Cool blogs

Here are 2 more blogs by other dads that we read a lot. Kelly even got me a daddytypes t-shirt for my b-day.

Defective Yeti has a very funny story on almost damaging his kid (called the squirrelly)
Caution, might induce LOL "Laughing Out Loud"

Tuesday, March 8

Happy Birthday Casper

To my darling husband...
Casper, I want you and our extended family and friends to know how comfortable I feel to be with you. I want you to know this:
I love how you look with your bed hair on Saturday morning. I love your blue robe as it swaddles your warm bed-riden body. I love the way your barefeet walk so gently yet manly to peek in at our son. I love your passion for sailing. Also, your silence. I appreciate your energy when trying to teach me how to snowboard, your enthusiaism, so eager. Your sensitivity when holding my hand as I gave birth to Julius. The birth of our son was like no other, so indescribable- I'll never forget the morning of when you insisted that I watch the weather channel to ease my anxiety. You're caring, such a caring, beautiful man. The warmth you provide on cold nights. Your protection which was provided when I was 4 months pregnant is memorable. The little bit of jealously when we were in New Orleans. Casper, you're such a pure soul. I was telling a friend recently that you just lack anger, not a drop, you never get mad- just simply sweet. I love your quirks too (the way you dislike walking on grass barefoot or pickiness when it comes to certain foods), recently I noticed your dedication and devotion to work, you have such a strong, admirable and respectful work ethic (you love your work), most of all I thank you for showing me how to relax and be able to appreciate a Sunday morning or afternoon. You taught me how to sit down and relax long enough to read an entire book, this is something I would have never done because I'm such an active person.
Casper, I've grown so much because of you. I thank you for being my husband, for being my partner, for being Julius' father, the greatest father, for being my lover, for accepting my crazy family, for listening, for being a friend but most of all I thank you for being my lifelong companion!
Here's to you... 32 years...such a beautiful soul, a beautiful spirit- I love you my dear today, tomorrow and always!
I apologize if this embaresses you but once again I NEED TO VENT!
PS: Thanks Jet and Gerard for bringing such a beautiful person into this world!

Monday, March 7

Julius kinderstoel

Het is eindelijk zover, na een paar weken op de grond zitten, hebben we gisteren een kinderstoel gekocht. Onze favoriete meubelzaak heeft gelukkig ook kinderstoelen, dus geen probleem. We hebben de stoel vanochtend voor de eerste keer uitgeprobeerd. Julius vond het fantastisch om bij ons aan tafel te zitten. Hij at spontaan al z'n havermout pap op. En hij keek blij om zich heen. Foto volgt later.

IKEA | home | Children's IKEA | Children's furniture | ANTILOP high chair with safety belt

Sunday, March 6

We give you: BUBBLE BOY

Julius has been having a lot of colds ever since he started daycare 3 months ago. We finally decided it was too much. Too protect him from germs, bacteria and other republicans we have decided to put him in a sealed bubble. From now on, he will be known as "bubble boy" (play soundtrack here)

Saturday, March 5

Walk in the park last weekend

Note from Kelly

Hi all... It's me Kelly.
We have some exciting adventures ahead of us. Ya know, things to look forward to as Winter comes to a close.
1. Julius and I are going to New Orleans on April 19th, my 32nd birthday! I am looking forward to meeting and venturing about town with my brother Rick and also seeing family/friends. I have a few things planned: Jazz Fest, an International festival in Lafayette (Congo, Caribbean, French, etc. music), doing some birding in Lafittes National Park, possibly a plantation drive and finally kayaking in Bayou St. John. If anyone would like to join please call ahead.
2. Casper will be going to Holland with Julius in May. He'll be attending his college reunion and Oma (grandma in Dutch) will coincidentally be spoiling Julius. I'll stay home with Hodges and get much needed rest.
3. Casper has been invited to participate in a sand sculpting competition in June. It'll be in southern SPAIN! So, we'll all go as a family and Oma & Opa (Casper's parents) will join us. Not sure where it is yet or what to expect, but I've never been so I look forward to the idea.

I encourage you to post comments and try to bring some community into this website/blog thingy. It's hard on me with family so far away, so I'd really like to utilize the internet as much as possible.
Much love to you all.

Julius peeking out at the world @ 6 months Posted by Hello

Julius is 6 months

Julius turned 6 months today. Can't believe he's already been in our lives for half a year. Nor how big he has gotten. Anyway, we're off and running on our very own blog.