Tuesday, March 8

Happy Birthday Casper

To my darling husband...
Casper, I want you and our extended family and friends to know how comfortable I feel to be with you. I want you to know this:
I love how you look with your bed hair on Saturday morning. I love your blue robe as it swaddles your warm bed-riden body. I love the way your barefeet walk so gently yet manly to peek in at our son. I love your passion for sailing. Also, your silence. I appreciate your energy when trying to teach me how to snowboard, your enthusiaism, so eager. Your sensitivity when holding my hand as I gave birth to Julius. The birth of our son was like no other, so indescribable- I'll never forget the morning of when you insisted that I watch the weather channel to ease my anxiety. You're caring, such a caring, beautiful man. The warmth you provide on cold nights. Your protection which was provided when I was 4 months pregnant is memorable. The little bit of jealously when we were in New Orleans. Casper, you're such a pure soul. I was telling a friend recently that you just lack anger, not a drop, you never get mad- just simply sweet. I love your quirks too (the way you dislike walking on grass barefoot or pickiness when it comes to certain foods), recently I noticed your dedication and devotion to work, you have such a strong, admirable and respectful work ethic (you love your work), most of all I thank you for showing me how to relax and be able to appreciate a Sunday morning or afternoon. You taught me how to sit down and relax long enough to read an entire book, this is something I would have never done because I'm such an active person.
Casper, I've grown so much because of you. I thank you for being my husband, for being my partner, for being Julius' father, the greatest father, for being my lover, for accepting my crazy family, for listening, for being a friend but most of all I thank you for being my lifelong companion!
Here's to you... 32 years...such a beautiful soul, a beautiful spirit- I love you my dear today, tomorrow and always!
I apologize if this embaresses you but once again I NEED TO VENT!
PS: Thanks Jet and Gerard for bringing such a beautiful person into this world!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite son-in-law.Also Iam so glad he married my daughter Kelly,and they both have brought a beautiful son my darling grandson into this world.Icannot praise Casper enough, he is a wonderful husband to Kelly and also the best Dad to his son.
Iam so glad Kelly went to Holland and met up with this fine man.
There is only one problem with Casper he does not play a good game of Canasta, but Iam sure he will improve.HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON_IN_LAW LOVE YA!

5:07 AM  
Anonymous gerard Thijssen said...

Hartelijk gefeliciteerd Casper!
Wij gaan er vanuit, de reactie van Kelly en anonymus, Jackie, gelezen hebbende, dat jullie ook deze dag in relaxte feeststemming samen met sir Julius hebben doorgebracht.
Verrassend zijn de lovende kritieken van Kelly en Jackie en wij zijn trots dat het hier gaat om Casper en dat onze schoondochter Kelly hem zo de hemel in jubelt en zich zo goed op haar gemak voelt. Sir Julius zal zich er ook lekker bij voelen!
Gelukkig kunnen wij het leventje van bubble boy aardig volgen en krijgen wij regelmatig de mooiste foto's doorgestuurd.
Wij leven dus erg met jullie mee en vinden de weblog een goed en leuk initiatief!
opa en oma

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Casper!
and thank you for making Kelly so happy.

8:29 PM  

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