Saturday, March 5

Note from Kelly

Hi all... It's me Kelly.
We have some exciting adventures ahead of us. Ya know, things to look forward to as Winter comes to a close.
1. Julius and I are going to New Orleans on April 19th, my 32nd birthday! I am looking forward to meeting and venturing about town with my brother Rick and also seeing family/friends. I have a few things planned: Jazz Fest, an International festival in Lafayette (Congo, Caribbean, French, etc. music), doing some birding in Lafittes National Park, possibly a plantation drive and finally kayaking in Bayou St. John. If anyone would like to join please call ahead.
2. Casper will be going to Holland with Julius in May. He'll be attending his college reunion and Oma (grandma in Dutch) will coincidentally be spoiling Julius. I'll stay home with Hodges and get much needed rest.
3. Casper has been invited to participate in a sand sculpting competition in June. It'll be in southern SPAIN! So, we'll all go as a family and Oma & Opa (Casper's parents) will join us. Not sure where it is yet or what to expect, but I've never been so I look forward to the idea.

I encourage you to post comments and try to bring some community into this website/blog thingy. It's hard on me with family so far away, so I'd really like to utilize the internet as much as possible.
Much love to you all.


Blogger Laura said...

Yahoo!!! She resurfaces!
Hello my dear long lost Kelly! I figured you were up to something major since you moved away ;) Julius is precious... too bad I didn't get to meet him before he took up bubble residency :( Seems like the Bay area is agreeing with y'all. Claudio & I are just setting off on a big adventure; however, procreating won't be part of it. We just moved into our Mercedes Bus & will be traveling :) :) :) L&C

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