Monday, May 9

Back in Holland

We finally made it!!

Julius is visiting Opa and Oma this week. So stay put for several post as we chronicle his adventures in Holland. The first surprise was the new stroller Opa and Oma bought him. Now he can race around Holland in style.

Off course the big news on Sunday was Julius' first tooth!!! Yes, after 8 months of waiting, a tooth finally popped out. Now we have good hopes that #2 will come out this week as well. I'm sure mommy would love that.

The first night his Jet Lag was pretty bad. Oma was up playing with him from 2:30 to 3:30, off course he crashed after that and we all got to sleep until noon. Thanks Julius, Dad really needed the sleep. Last night wasn't too bad. He woke up at 11pm and stayed up until 1:15 when Dad finally convinced him to get some sleep. If we keep going like this he'll be on his regular routine by Wednessday. Yahhh.


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